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Business management – Newton Hills

Newton Hills

Business management is the process of managing contracts from vendors, partners, customers, or employees. It supports the entire customer lifecycle which covers any process that contributes, creates or utilizes contract data. Contract management can be an asset, or a liability, depending on how digital and integrated your process is.

The business world is changing. New ways of driving revenue are forcing companies to re-imagine the way they manage the customer lifecycle — making contract management more important than ever before.

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You can complete single course programs, combine a few, or complete any 5 programs to earn a Postgraduate Certificate and in addition to each certificate also earn membership certificate:


  • Complete 2 courses and receive a Certificate in Business Management
  • Complete 3 courses and receive a Diploma in Business Management
  • Complete 4 Courses and receive a PGD in Business Management
  • Complete 5 Courses and receive an Associate Membership Certificate from Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management


Cost of Training Package Below *

1 Training Course $250

 2 Training Courses $400

3 Training Courses $600

5 Training Courses $800